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There are many different types of boats out there. Some are more suited for sea faring others are better on rivers, but all boats share a common feature, a person can fish from them. One type of boat is a canal boat. A canal boat or a narrow boat is a uniquely shaped boat, which is very narrow in width so that it can fit the narrow canals in UK. These boats were originally meant for the purpose of carrying goods but presently it is used for the purpose of recreation and sometimes as a permanent residing place. These modern narrow boats feature canal boat designs that are ideal for living in. Such designs are usually dominated by two elements steel hulls and steel superstructure instead of the traditional timber superstructure. The hull's cross sections will have a U or trapezium shape and much of it is underwater. About half way up to the hull there will normally be the floor under which contains the ballast and the utilities. These utilities are power cables and seamless pipes, they uses seamless pipes in order to reduce the change of leakages building up in the hull. A canal boat, also has a section above water section which is also a trapezium shape. The inside of which meets is hollow, with the area between the floor and the roof comprising of the cabin. There are some canal boats made from fibre glass and plastics however they are not as common. Some European narrow boats can successfully navigate open sea.

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Since these narrow boats are used as a permanent residence therefore they feature facilities which are commonly found in case of a traditional 'terrestrial' home such as ovens, grills, microwave ovens, flush toilets, central heating systems, baths, shower stalls and so on. Some of these even feature satellite televisions and 3G mobile broadband connections for internet. Sometimes, these also feature things that aren't there in case of traditional homes. Externally they may look very much like traditional canal boats but internally they share nothing in common with their traditional counterparts!


What's unique about having a canal boat whose designs resemble those of a comfortable house is that one can move around UK's canal network when the weather gets too uncomfortable. For instance, during colder months, canal boat owners can 'migrate' towards an area that has warmer climate. Not many of these boats are lived on permanently but it is possible to find such narrow boats in the UK. Apart from being used as a permanent place of residence, these boats are commonly owned by hotels and tour companies for recreation purpose of their guests and customers.


When it comes to canal boat designs for permanent residence there are plenty of designs to choose from such as the ones with traditional sterns, semi-traditional sterns, cruiser sterns, butty sterns and centre cockpit sterns. It is a common misconception that living in a narrow boat is cheaper than living on land, the truth is that permanent residence canal boats are extremely expensive, especially the ones which have all extravagant features! All in all, canal boats are extremely comfortable and these can definitely measure up to traditional homes or homes on land! If you have some money to spare then you should definitely consider the thought of purchasing a canal boat which has the features that can be used for those who intend to permanently reside in it.